Heat Pumps in Tampa Bay

A heat pump is a unit that takes existing heat from the air or ground and moves it elsewhere for the purpose of heating water or spaces. Its function may also be reversed for the purpose of cooling. Unlike a conventional furnace, it uses relatively little energy to do its task; it does not burn fuel to make heat.

Heat pumps operate best in moderate climates (temperatures generally between 40 and 90 Fahrenheit), making them an excellent choice for heating Florida pools. The benefits of AQUACAL heat pumps include:

  • Does not burn fuel to make heat
  • A more “green” heating/cooling solution
  • Relatively inexpensive to operate
  • Extends the swim season

In addition to the benefits listed above, AQUACAL heat pumps have the following characteristics:

  • Producing energy-efficient heat pumps since 1981
  • Scroll compressor for quiet operation and unsurpassed reliability
  • Patented counter-flow water management
  • Rust-proof, impact-resistant and impervious to chemical corrosion
  • Microprocessor-controlled with digital display
  • Lifetime warranty

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